Choti Sardarni 8th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher asks Sarab to let her to go to Kulwant’s place


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Scene 1
Kulwant says to Yuvi don’t worry if you didn’t become the monitor. He says when the teacher took Muttu’s name I wanted to hit him. Kulwant recalls Jagga’s name being announced. Kulwant says you have to play smart and trap him. So he moves from your way. Amrita says your phone is ringing. Dolly is on the other side. She says tomorrow is your daughter’s baby shower. She will come to your place after that. Kulwant says wow, amazing. I would do everything for her. Dolly says you all have to come. Kulwant says Meher is coming home.

Scene 2
The function starts. Sarab dances with everyone. Meher laughs. Robbie dances with Meher. Meher recalls what Harleen said. Harleen dances with Sarab as well. Meher makes a video. She gets sad recalling what Harleen said. Meher says I don’t want to go there. I will miss you both a lot. Tarkash says Meher bhabhi, there is something very important.

Yuvi cries with other kids. He says our stuff is stolen. The teacher says whoever did this would be pardoned. He says why are you checking Muttu’s bag. He is our monitor. They find everyone’s stuff in Muttu’s bag. Kids chant Muttu is theif. He says I don’t know how it came in my bag. Yuvi put everything in his bag.

Tarkash shows Meher some papers. Meher says we should give extra medicine in small clinics. He says I will send them let me talk to Jagga once.
The teacher says shame on you Swami. Call your parents. We have to choose another monitor. She takes the badge from him. Yuvi says I am ready to become the monitor. Param says yes give it to him. He’s a good boy. She gives the badge to Yuvi.

Sarab says Meher, why are you working. You should take care of your medicine. From now, I will take care of your medicine. I will cook your meal myself. Meher says what? He says I am doing this for our little kid too so he says thank you papa. Meher says I wanted a permission. After baby shower, I wanted to go to mummy ji’s place. Sarab says what? Meher says I want to go there. Sarab says why? You said you will give birth in the hospital. Meher says but the ritual. He says you’re hiding something. Meher says no I am not. He says this can’t be your decision. I know you. Meher recalls harleen asked her not to take her name. Sarab says explain in 30 seconds. Meher says how can I? Meher says so you would miss me? Sarab says no never. You can go where you want. I would be free. Go. He’s angry. Sarab says you don’t care? It’s about three months. How would Param and I live? You don’t care. He leaves.

Jagga calls Tarkash. He says I will get the medicine transported. Kulwant comes to his room. Kulwant says you will be MLA. You should give this business to Bitu and Rana and focus on elections. He says I am not interested. Kulwant says you can’t let my name down. She says this is politics. It’s deadly. Yuvi comes and says I became the monitor. You gave me an amazing idea. But that Swami, I feel bad for him. He was crying. Kulwant says we can’t make everyone happy. We have to think about ourselves.

Scene 3
Dolly says your dad decorated this swing for his wife and so did Robbie. You have to use 11,111 flowers and decorate this swing. Hrleen says how would he? Let me ask a servant. Sarab says I would. He recalls what Meher said. He says people are following rituals so would I. Sarab says no matter how long it takes I will make this swing the most beautiful in the world. Sarab picks the flowers. He recalls his moments with Meher. He recalls what Meher said.

Precap-Meher texts Sarab you asked me a question. Sarab says what’s the answer?

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