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    Inside Ted Bundy’s Troubled and Disturbing Childhood

    According to Ted Bundy, he had an uneventful childhood. His friends and family often backed up this claim. But a closer look reveals he was a socially awkward child who sometimes crossed the lines of propriety, morality and legality. Though the suspect behavior exhibited by a young Bundy has been ...Continue reading

    Charles Manson and the Mason Family’s 1969 Murder Victims

    Perhaps one of the most famous cults of all time, Charles Manson began forming the Manson Family in late 1967 upon his release from prison for a series of small crimes. He recruited 100 or so followers, many of them young women, and went on a murder spree through Los Angeles in the summer of…

    How Ted Bundy’s Education Facilitated His Career as a Serial Killer

    Ted Bundy brutally murdered at least 30 women and girls in the 1970s. But because he was a college graduate who was studying law, he initially escaped intense official scrutiny as he didn't fit into people's preconceived ideas of a serial killer. Bundy's education itself may have aided him in his ...Continue reading

    Who Are the Members of the Manson Family?

    As the leader of a messianic cult situated in a desert commune in California, Charles Manson prophesied that a race war was on the horizon and that he and his followers would have to be armed and ready. In fact, he believed it was his duty to usher in the war by ordering his "family…

    Charles Manson’s Family Reveals They Were ‘Not Surprised’ After Learning He...

    On August 9, 1969, members of the Manson Family, under orders from their leader Charles Manson, committed one of the most terrifying crimes in American history when they broke into the Los Angeles home of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and savagely murdered her and four of her houseguests. While much ...Continue reading