Brahmarakshas 2 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad and Kalindi hit and miss in the jungle


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The Episode starts with Angad calling Robin and tells that he had checked chat market, jungle temple, but she is not there. He says he will go to the jungle to see if she is there. Robin says ok. Kalindi gains consciousness hearing everyone calling her Kalindi and says no. Angad hears her voice and gets down from the car. He thinks he felt she is near him. He thinks where are you Kalindi, I can feel you. Kalindi is locked in the brahmarakshas’ house nearby the dargah. Angad sees dargah and comes there. Few men are singing there. Angad goes back to his car. Robin calls him and tells that Bhabs reached home. Angad says ok, I am coming. Kalindi thinks whose voice is it and falls down. Angad leaves from there. Iravat makes mud utensil and asks Gurumaa to throw the mud. She opens the window and throws the mud down. Iravat hears the men singing and dances. Gurumaa comes to kalindi and asks her to get up. She asks her to run away from here and tells that they are her enemies and not friends. She makes Kalindi go out from the window. Iravat stops dancing and thinks where did Maha Maya go? He comes to Kalindi’s room and finds Gurumaa lying on the floor with injury on her forehead. He asks where is Kalindi. She says she hit her and ran away. Iravat says I will see, where she will go. Kalindi comes to the jungle and sees the temple from far. She gets some flashes. Jai Kali Jai Kali plays…..Angad thinks what was that feeling? He sees Chandini coming to him wearing a lehenga and jewellery. Chandini asks him to give her compliment. Angad runs away from there. Chandini says what wrong did I say? Robin says he is like that only. Angad runs and comes to the jungle. Kalindi is also running and is near him.

Just then brahmarakshas comes infront of Kalindi. Kalindi gets shocked and moves back, falls down. Brahmarakshas roars. Kalindi shouts Angad and faints….Angad stops hearing her voice and also Brahmarakshas’ roar. He says today you meet me, your chapter is over brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas comes running to him and roars. Chandini comes to Angad and rolls down with him. Brahmarakshas looks for them. Chandini asks Angad to come with her. Angad says he heard a girl’s voice shouting for help. Chandini says Brahmarakshas might have done that to trap him. She asks if he will risk his life for a stranger girl. Angad says yes. Kalindi gains consciousness and thinks whom did I call? She starts walking. Brahmarakshas goes when he couldn’t see Angad. Angad says a girl’s life is in danger. Chandini asks him to worry for her. Brahmarakshas comes infront of Kalindi as Yug. Yug asks her to come with him and says sorry on his sister’s behalf. Kalindi says she asked me to runaway from there. Yug tells that his sister’s mental condition is bad and asks her to help him. Kalindi says Angad… He gives her injection on her back. Kalindi faints. He takes her in the car. Angad and Chandini ask for the lift and the former tell about hearing a girl’s sound. Yug says I am not on duty now and tells that he is with someone. Angad says even you have a heart. Yug offers to drop them. Chandini says they don’t want lift. Yug goes to his car back and drives off. Kalindi sees Chandini with Angad, but couldn’t see their face as the car is speeding. Iravat tests Gurumaa and makes her pierce needle inside her thumb. Gurumaa does the same. He thinks she is still under the influence of him. Yug brings Kalindi home. Kalindi hugs Gurumaa and tells that she knows how she feels. Later Yug asks Iravat to tell how this had happened? Iravat says Maha Maya is in my influence now. He plans to marry Kalindi and separate the sisters.

Angad gets the cctv installed in the house. Robin says you had gone out to search brahmarakshas and now worried due to thieves. Robin comes there and tells that Bhabs is telling something. Chandini asks him if he installed CCTV due to her. They go inside. Chandini tells everyone that she has saved Angad from brahmarakshas. Shakti and Minty appreciate her. Chandini says Angad get embarrassed by her words and tells that he knows her secret that she gets scared seeing Yug. Prithvi and Shalini hear them and think to meet Yug.

Chandini tells Sona that she wants to make new memories with Angad infront of everyone. Sona suggests couple contest for haldi rasam. Chandini comes down and finds Angad wearing chef cap. Minty tells that Angad jiju made the caterers go. Chandini offers to cook with him. Sona reminds Chandini that she didn’t know cooking. Chandini says there is nothing which she can’t do. Angad goes to kitchen. Chandini comes behind him. Angad asks her to cut the vegetables. Chandini cuts the vegetables. Angad says you are making food for humans, and not for animals. Chandini asks him to show how to cut the veggies. Angad cuts the veggies fast. She asks him to hold her hand and teach her. Angad says I didn’t open training school here. Chandini asks him to see how she cuts the veggies and cuts on the chopping board. Angad teaches her how to chop. He then shows her how to make rotis. Rozana song plays as they cook together. She shouts as her hand burn. He gives her ice in her hand. Angad tells her that he knows that she will take credit for cooking and asks her to clean the mess. Chandini thinks he didn’t know who is she? Robin tells that Minty didn’t want to come out of the kitchen. Angad goes to Minty and asks her to come for haldi rasam. Minty says I know that you didn’t want to dance with Di, and that’s why got busy in cooking. She convinces him to participate with di and hugs him.

Chandini says she knows how to handle him. She announces in the haldi ceremony that only the couples can participate in the contest and whoever wins will get a chance to apply haldi to Sona and Ishaan. Prithvi’s younger daughter announces the paper dance competition. Angad-Chandini and other couples participate in the competition. Chandini asks Angad to do as she says, if he don’t want to lose. Angad says lifting doesn’t suit me and pretend as if his foot is sprained. Pari takes him for massage. Chandini and Angad are out of the game.

A girl thanks Yug for saving her and tells that he is an angel for her. He asks her to do paper work and then she can go. He takes her to the cabin and then he becomes brahmarakshas, throws the paper weight in her mouth. She gets shocked. He kills and eats her heart. Prithvi comes there and bribes the Inspector to meet yug. Inspector informs him that he is busy doing paper work. Prithvi comes inside and finds him chewing something. He says I think you had just finished lunch. Prithvi tells him that the girl in his house is not Kalindi, but her lookalike. Yug asks for the proofs. Prithvi says he don’t have. Yug asks him to bring her somewhere, and then he will take her very far from here. Prithvi agrees. Just then the ring falls down from the dead girl’s hand. Prithvi picks it and says this ring. Yug says it is mine and asks him to go. Prithvi goes. Yug looks at the dead body of the girl who is on almari and says you have snatched my food from my mouth.

Precap will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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