Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Tiwari kidnaps Vibhuti


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Vibhu tells about Angooris reaction to Prem, Prem says i feel bad for Tiwari, Vibhu says its hard to believe for money she asked me to kill Tiwari, Prem says its money after all, Vibhu says she sounded like she doesn’t care about Tiwari, Prem says she is so pretty how long will she love that man, Vibhuti says you are right. Prem says you look better than Tiwari and may ve Angoori loves someone else now, Vibhu says she meets just me other then Tiwari and gets very happy thinking Angoori loves him.

Tiwari very upset thinking about Angoori reaction, Vibhu asks him why are you crying, Tiwari says why will i cry, Vibhu says c’mon, Tiwari says even in my Wildest dream i didn’t think Angoori would have this reaction, Vibhu says forget that and think about shop, i have an idea. Tiwari says i will kill you, Vibhu says calm down, okay listen at times people have feelings towards others, like bhabhiji wants to donate money and then if you kidnap me she will give ransom, Tiwari says done. Angoori hears that.

Next day Vibhu visits Tiwari house, Angoori asks why are you here, Vibhu says i want some sugar, Angoori asks where is the bowl, Vibhu says i forgot, Angoori says i will get you go now, Vibhu says can you get me cup of tea or snacks, Angoori says theres no tea and gas in house, Tiwari walks in disguised with gun, Angoori says go im very busy, Vibhu says he is kidnapper, why are you here kidnapper, Tiwari says we dont kidnap women we kidnap only men, and torture them, Vibhu starts crying says bhabhiji help me, release me, Angoori says let him kidnap you first and im not scared of these people, you can take him only if you win game with me, Tiwari says okay. Tiwari losses in fame, Angoori says you cant take him and go, Tiwari says okay, Vibhu says are you mad how insulting it is that yiu are going, Tiwari says he is right i will have to kidnap now. Angoori says to Vibhu im sorry i couldn’t save you. Vibhu starts crying.

Tiwari and Vibhu reach Mishra house and argue over the game, Vibhu says c’mon call her now, Angoori receives the call, and says im busy call me later and disconnects, Vibhu says be a strong character, Tiwari calls her again and looses focus, Angoori disconnect call. Vibhu says you are a kidnapper behave like one. Tiwari calls again, and says i have kidnapped Vibhuti, Angoori asks how are you, Tiwari says i want money in return to release him, or else i will cut him in pieces and feed them to dog, Angoori says call his wife why me, why would i pay for that unemployed person and kill that idiot if you want to and good if you killed him, he is of no use, keeps annoying me, and i never understand him and you did good job by killing him, even Anita will thank you, bloody maid, bye now.
Vibhu says Tiwari says she kept calling me idiot. Vibhu fells very bad.

Pre cap: Angoori says good Vibhuti is here now I will stop fasting.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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