Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update : Angoori is praised for her duty as police officer


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Makhvana and Angoori in rounds, Saxena recording them, Angoori says theres so much quietness in our area we dont need police station lets open a restaurant there, boys come running to Angoori, they tell her they were very angry and so stole roti from there, Angoori scolds restaurant owner says you cook so many rotis what if they steal some do a thing feed them, you will be very prosperous,god will bless you. Teeka says i will have 25 rotis, Malkhan says i will have 20, Tilu says i will have 30, Angoori says go feed them. Saxena says you are so kind lets click your photos with Makhvana.

Vibhu and Tiwari go to vegetable lorry, and ask seller potato rates, and other vegetable rates, Vibhu says pack these vegetables 1 kg each and send to his house, he is new police officers husband, seller says okay where will he pay here, or at home. Seller insults Tiwari and later increase rates and says you are officers husband you wont bargain right, Vibhu says to Tiwari may be he doesn’t know her yet, gradually he will respect us.

Tiwari in bedroom, Angoori leaving, Tiwari asks where are you going, Angoori says im sleeping in hall, and runs from him says im very tired, Tiwari says you are my wife now its my time, Angoori says i have given you lot of time, its time for country now, Tiwari says come atleast have a chat, Angoori says okay, Tiwari says look its such beautiful weather, i wish to spend some quality time with you, Angoori says okay bye, Tiwari says atleast give me a hug, Angoori says okay close your eyes, Tiwari closes his eyes, Angoori leaves and handcuffs his hand to bed.

Vibhu sees Tiwari watering plants and says show some love, they are used of love, Tiwari says im already annoyed, Vibhu asks whats wrong, Tiwari says there was time when Angoori had time for me but because of you i allowed her to accept that job, Tiwari says you have no idea what im going throw, Prem comes to them and says Angooris photo is published in newspaper, Vibhu gets very excited, Tiwrai gives him cold looks. Tiwari reads news, Prem says she has helped grow police department image and so does Tiwaris. Vibhu says Im so proud, Masterji walks to them and praises Angoori, Tiwari gets very happy.

Angoori gives Happu halwa, Happu says i don’t feel like, Angoori says im temporary why spoil your mood, Makhvana makes fun of happu, Happu attacks him, Commissioner walks in and asks whats wrong, Angoori says he was teaching me to catch thief, commissioner says my decision was so nice the newspaper says that, police department is praised because of you, Angoori says i follow you, commissioner ask Happu to show Angoori how to salute, Happu shows her.

Saxena interviewing Angoori, asks how does she feel, Angooysays very nice, people never use to listen to me but now they do, Saxena asks how will you find stolen things, Angoori says i can read their minds very well, Saxena asks who will you declare culprit on old mans death, Angoori says no one he was old and would anyway die. Boys walk to them and says we cant live like beggar anymore, so now we will work on us, Angoori asks what will you do, Teeka says we will do some small crimes and raise ourselves so help us and not prison us, Angoori says no issues anyways im part of department to help poor and needy.

Pre cap : Vibhu writes report to Angoori says a very close ti heart thing is stolen. Tiwari is hit by a man in helmet because he is Angooris husband.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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