Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Vibhuti suspects Anita


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Angoori add separation to the bed. Tiwari asks what is this. Angoori says this is wall which I build between us because I don’t sleep with unknown person. Tiwari says I’m your laddu k bhaiya. Angoori says no, my Tiwari was sweet and simple I saw your talk show you were talking nonsense in that. Tiwari says what did I said. Angoori says you said sometimes men slipped from there path, wish to eat something else. Tiwari says you didn’t understand what I meant. Angoori says I understood everything I’m not that dumb, having relation with someone else after being married is right for you I cannot believe that. Tiwari says thats what i meant you didn’t understood me, when I said to leave your wife and have relation with someone else. Angoori says you said to have both women in your life. Tiwari says this is all emotions but I never said to bear all expenses of other women. Angoori says I don’t know anything, I only know you have to be honest to eachother. Tiwari says you need to change your thinking everyone is changing you should too. Angoori asks what should I change. Tiwari says this is hypothetical but if you think I’m seeing someone then don’t let it bother you much. Angoori gets angry and says what are you talking, this is not having mango from a tree, its like breaking relation with your wife and I’ll never let this happen. Tiwari also shouts on Angoori and goes to sleep. Angoori throws water on Tiwari and goes to sleep.

Angoori in garden talking to himself says I never thought Tiwari will think like this. Anu come out of her house says to herself I hate Vibhu when did he became so characterless and sees Angoori goes to her. Anu asks Angoori are you also frustrated from Tiwari what he said in talk show. Angoori says I’m feeling angry but I never thought he must he thinking like this. Anu says to Angoori you are sweetand and innocent but I’m angry on me why didn’t I know about Vibhu, actually its not Vibhuti ir Tiwari’s fault its all men kind fault. Angoori says what they were saying on TV that women should change there thinking. Anu says we should change our husband not thinking, we should make them realise. Angoori says you know what I did in morning I gave him chilli paratha instead of aloo Paratha, Anu says we have to do something big and make them realise their thoughts are bad. A salesman walks to them to sell soap, Anu asks who are you, He says I am Kamesh Gupta and you can call me Romeo, Anu says I will call you Mr. Gupta and if you flirt again you will not be spared, He says I should leave and goes.
Anu has a plan to teach Tiwari and Vibhu a lesson and calls Mr. Gupta back.

Vibhu in kitchen, adding water to milk, Prem asks what are you doing, Vibhu says increasing milk quantity, I will save money to buy a dairy.
Tiwari has a customer, asking for yellow boxer, Tiwari says one minute and goes removes his and sells to customer.

TMT as detective, Malkan says I feel like having chat, TMT ask Gappi for Papdi chat, Gappi asks for money, Teeka says we are world famous detective you will get money, TMT see Vibhu and start acting, Vibhu says do you three think I am fool, Tilu says excuse me you don’t know our talent we have many private videos, like this one, Vibhu sees video of adding water in milk, Vibhu says I can send you to police for this, Teeka says okay we will send this video to bhabhiji, Vibhu says no I won’t send to police, Teeka says okay let us know when help is needed, Vibhu says sure now delete video, Teeka says no its as your memory to us, but we will need charge, pay Gappi’s bill, Gappi says 650₹. Vibhu pays and leave.

Tiwari walks to TMT while having chat and asks how is your business going, Tilu says great and we have private video of someone, Tiwari says its his video of selling used boxer. Tilu says Teeka what If we viral this, Teeka says he will die, Tiwari asks what you want, Malkan says drinks and chicken.

Anu chatting with someone, Vibhu asks her aren’t you asleep and who are you talking to, Anu says my friend, Vibhu asks who friend, Anu says Meenal, she was showing me London photo because I can’t go, Vibhu says I agree I don’t earn money but I know investment, Door bell rings Vibhu goes check, its Meenal, Vibhu says you were in London, Meenal says I wish and I am here to see you, me and Anurag fought and he is upset and went somewhere, you talk to him please, Vibhu says you going London, Meenal says I am going no where.

Meenal calls Anu and says she did as asked and Vibhu is surely confused. Teeka checking drinking if its real or fake. Tilu walks to them and says we had a client, Malkan says why upset then, Tilu says client wife and dog are missing, Malkan says will we be paid, Teeka says we will find only dog and he will take us to his owner, Tilu says London bhai wants only dog and not wife, and so I said no, Teeka says we have to focus on impressing commisioner, Tilu says why will he give us case but, Teeka says I have an idea.

Pre cap : Anu and Mr. Gupta having chat, Vibhu sees them.
Tiwari sees Angoori and Mr.Gupta together

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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