Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 14th January 2021 Written Updates: Everyone is shocked


One of the most popular and trending daily drama soap on Indian television is all set to broadcast tonight with lots of entertainment and fun and along with this, more twists and turns are waiting for you. The tremendous and amazing daily soap show Barrister Babu Written Update 14th January 2021 is here and today’s episode starts with Bondita finds all the real truth behind all the stuff which is happened in her life and all the things which are happened with their family. After using resourcefulness of her she found that Munsi is the real culprit who did all the things in the house by which her husband life comes into danger and also, in front of all family she tells that Munsi is the main person behind all the mishaps which held in our house.

Barrister Babu 14th January 2021 Written Updates

Bondita uses her mind to find the real face behind the problem which she faced along with her family, after listening to it that Munsi is the real culprit and all the intrigue is made by him then al the family gets shocked and gets angry at him for spreading such problems in their family. After that, Munsi also confronts that he did all the things and all the intrigue was made by him, and for tackle, he said that he did all the things because he wants to take revenge on Anirudh and along with this, he said that just because of Anirudh he was not able to cremate his son.

After that, Anirudh praises Bondita for her splendid and amazing mind and tells her that he want to see you becoming a Barrister as well and also wants to walk side by side with him. Also, he wants to see her becoming successful in her life and she deserves respect from others and wants that everyone praises her for her excellence and amazing presence of mind. Bondita accepts his offers and tells him that she surely fulfill his dreams and puts her best to become a well and better Barrister and surely walk side by side with him.

In the next scene, you are going to see that Trilochan feels sorry for his mistakes and tells Bondita that he wants to apologize because he believes the fake girl and puts her life in danger and he is also happy because of the presence of mind of Bondita but along with this he also sad for putting her life in danger. Apart from this, Sampoorna decided that he will become the owner of the house and ends her life as a servant, and takes from all the family. Episode Ends. Stay tuned with us.

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