Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and mishra’s doppelgangers


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The episode starts with Bittu disguised as Anil Kapoor mimicking him. Mishra praises that he looks much younger now. Bittu says his evil eyes/nazar fell on him now, girls will fall for him for sure. Mirza also praises him. He says mother used to say that he would become a joker when he grows up. Mirza says he is really looking like a joker. Bittu says he had taken Babaji’s bhang, they both took away its effect. He offers them bhang. They deny saying they are married and need to answer their families. Bittu insists them to try some. They both try hesitatingly and ask if something will happen. Bittu says they will become men from husbands. They both take more bhang tablets and get heavily inebriated. The all 3 fall asleep under tree. Bittu after sometimes tries to wake them up, but when they don’t, he calls their employee and asks him to come and drop their bosses home.

Next morning, Mirza wakes up and thinks where did he come. Sakeena says he too much bhang that he is unable to recognize his house. He asks who is he. She says she is his wife. Mishra also fails to recognize Shanti. Shanti warns she will change his bindi. He says as she wishes. Sakeena warns Mirza to clear his bhang effect soon as she and Shanti have decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary together. Mirza says he is Mishra, and Mishra says he is Mirza and why he is in different clothes. Sakeena and Shanti warn them to get into their character soon. Its revealed that they are Mishra and Mishra’s doppelgangers. Bittu waits for Mirza and Mishra’s servant and walks away leaving them under tree. Mirza and Mishra wake up and act weird.

Doppelgangers get heavily drunk at night and reveal that Mishra is Hyder Ali Mirza and Mirza is Suresh Chandra Mishra. They discuss that their landlord kicked them out of house, what will they stay now. They both then pull a woman’s hair and run away. Woman runs behind them. Real Mishra and Mirza walk towards door discussing if they had bhang. Woman runs towards them and slaps them. They ask why did she slap them. She asks how dare they are to pull her hair. Their servants search them. Real and doppelganger Mirza and Mishra pass each other and get exchanged. They ask each other why they changed dress and think its bhang effect. They then are surprised to see each other and walk away in opposite direction. Their servant notice doppelganger and take them home. Next morning, doppelgangers remember getting heavily drunk and are shocked to see their photos with Shanti and Sakeena and realize Shanti and Sakeena think they are their husbands and decide to stay there. Shanti and Sakeena enter and ask them to mop floor. They agree tempted to live in the house and romance Shanti and Sakeena.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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