Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini apologizes to Darsh


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The Episode starts with Darsh saying I m Darsh Rawal and yes, I m blind. Nandini gets shocked. He goes. She recalls their meetings. She says he can’t see… Police catches Ragla. Shobit says inspector, don’t leave Ragla. Ragla calls out Darsh and says I won’t leave you. Nandini says I didn’t know he can’t see, he has saved me from the storm, he got me out of the pit and fought the goons, he is better than ones who can see. He says Darsh isn’t a bad guy. Charmy says Darsh found the cow in pain and got her to the doctor. Shobit says it was your mistake to blame him for the theft, Tosha insulted Darsh at home, it was your mistake, but my heart doesn’t believe that you are wrong. Shobit and Charmy leave. Nandini cries and thinks how couldn’t I see when I had eyes, Darsh would feel so bad. She asks the cow is she fine. Kaka comes. She asks Kaka to take the cow home, she has to apologize to someone. She leaves.

She sees Darsh standing near the wall, where its written that its not permitted to urinate there. He talks to Shobit on call. She thinks Darsh can’t see what’s written on the wall, policeman has seen him. She runs to Darsh and holds him. She acts. He asks what are you doing here. She asks how did you know its me. She says I will save you from paying the fine. She lies that he was teaching her the karate, he wasn’t doing what’s written. Darsh asks what’s happening here. Constable says I m Pandya, I got a job because of your Dada ji, you have taught good karate to the villagers. He goes.

Nandini says it means I thought it wrong. Darsh asks what’s happening. She says its written that its not permitted to urinate here. He says I don’t do all this. She says sorry to misunderstand you. He says its nothing new. Rajvi sees them together and thinks this girl did everything to reach Darsh, I have to keep her away from Darsh.

Rajvi reaches her home and sees Nandini at the stall. She says you want the milk vendors to supply the milk at the factory again, right, I have a condition, you have to leave Dwarka, you can fill any amount in the blank cheque, you shouldn’t be here. Nandini takes the cheque. Rajvi thinks I knew she will take the cheque. Nandini returns the cheque and says I just wanted to help the villagers. Rajvi says you had sent Tosha to insult Darsh. Nandini says I don’t want money, I want something else. Rajvi asks what do you want, any expensive thing. Nandini says I want a washing machine. Rajvi asks what. Nandini says yes, if you give me a washing machine, I will leave Dwarka, I want to earn it by my money, can I make sweets in the Jalsa. Rajvi says you never leave the drama, how did you get this esteem.

Nandini says my parents gave me this esteem. Nandini says fine, come and make sweets, you don’t stay in Dwarka after getting the washing machine. She says I will always be there behind my son to save him from people like you. Nirali comes. Rajvi says I want your and Darsh’s marriage to happen soon. She taunts Nandini and goes. Nandini thinks sorry to leave Dwarka, Bansuri will be happy once she gets a washing machine, I want an answer from Baa.

She comes home. She asks Baa why did she lie to her. Baa asks what are you saying. She says I have ear pain, so I can’t hear well. Nandini thinks she is acting now. Nandini shouts to ask her. Baa says I didn’t hear the cow shouting in pain, I thought Darsh is stealing the cow. She asks Naveen to see Baa is not well, its serious matter.

Naveen asks do you have ear pain. Baa says yes. Nandini goes to prepare holika. Naveen puts ear drops in Baa’s ears. Rajvi and everyone burn the holika. She asks Darsh why did he take the cow. He says cow was in pain. Rajvi asks him to stay away from that girl. He says nothing happened there. She asks Nirali to talk to him. She prays for Darsh. She asks them to come for dinner. Darsh asks Nirali to talk to her husband, he can’t see Rajvi’s heartbroken. He says we should talk to her. She says no, I will handle this, please, I m your childhood friend, can’t you do this for me, whose cow was it, what was the problem. Darsh calls Shobit. Nandini cuts the wood logs. She says I want to see holika dahan with Bansuri before leaving. Darsh comes. She thinks how did Darsh come here suddenly.

Nirali is with her husband, Ragla. Nandini sees this and thinks this girl is fooling Darsh and Rajvi, I have to tell them everything.

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